Zimoun «NÅ»

The bassist Zimoun creates with the band NÅ (Norwegian: now) his own expressive form of Tonus-Music. A deep understanding of function, structure and form, filigree and faint play let an ethereal, acoustical ambience evolve which opens a room of silence and space. CD to be played in the repeat mode through which a further form of minimalism can be experienced.


01. Ladung 08 13.07
02. Ladung 19 10:35
03. Ladung 13 12:54
04. Ladung 20 17:01
05. Ladung 32 16:26
Total   70:07

Composed and arranged by Zimoun
Produced by Don Li

Zimoun - bass
Don Li - clarinet
Philipp Schaufelberger - guitar
Mik Keusen - piano
Ben Loosli - drums

© Tonus-Music-Records 2003


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